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After the pathos of 2010, in which South Africa started its journey as just another BRIC in Wall Street, WikiLeaks made its debut amidst threats of media restrictions in the open ended Information Bill saga, and Spanish football fans returned home with massive hangovers and hand-made makarapas still dripping with paint, it is a vast understatement to say that we live in a world where absolutely anything can happen. As people, countries and communities are being thrust along the swinging pendulum of an ever marching beat, the world is a frightening, exhilarating place to exist in.

Amidst the chaos of this global order, our small fish in a big pond publication has also been swept along in the grand march of history, as our team explodes across the planet, adjusts to the whirlwind of 2011 and juggles the difficult tasks of managing a magazine (and merely breathing). In our first year of existence Jiggered magazine stepped up to the plate, in our second year we decided to take the plunge, and in our third year we are defying gravity.

And so in 2011, the year of public faces, re-election campaigns and Royal Weddings, we still find ourselves nestled in the shimmer of our initial project. And we are still not done. We continue to provide an independent stage for anyone willing to pick up a pen, paintbrush or microphone. We are driven by the memories of late night travels that end up on rooftops and mountains, and we are committed to tracing these experiences in the pages of our communal existence.

We would like to thank our Contributors for helping us exceed our expectations once again, and the fifth Ed would like to extend his gratitude to the multi-faceted skeleton crew that has managed to squeeze in the time to keep Jiggered jiggling.

Welcome to the first completely web based Edition of Jiggered Magazine. We hope that it serves to inspire, entertain, and remind you of the last late night that ended on a rooftop.


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